Monday, May 9, 2011


On Monday, April 25th, we picked up this sweet ball of cuteness, Oakley. We met his sister LaDelia, or "Lady" and later met his other sister Kelly. The three are the most adorable trio I have ever seen and the best part is, they recognize each other! Oakley was named after an old man who died while on a cruise with his family. He is sweet, loving, happy, and has a lot of energy. Although Al was hesitant to let him into his home, he quickly realized how great it was to have another dog around. Al has helped Oakley sleep through the night, reminded him how much stronger and bigger he is, and even allowed him to climb all over him. They are a very cute and sweet pair. Oakley is in the process of learning "sit" "stay" "down" "come" "take a break" "stand" "switch" and "right about." Although he struggles to pay attention, he does very well and I am very proud of him! Al is also doing amazingly well. We found out he will be "fixed" so he will be on the track to Guide Dog hood when he goes back to school on June 4th. :( He does really well with all the commands, but struggles a bit with "heel." I am very glad that they both get the opportunity to live with another dog because it gets them used to being around other dogs besides at the meetings. Until next time...

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