Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanes Mall

Today we took Al and Sparkie to Hanes Mall to go shopping. We went to Aeropostale and the Food Court and they did really well, for the most part. Al was a little pully but I think that it had some to do with the fact that it was his first time at the mall. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating my 16th birthday! I'm very excited. Until next time...

Monday, September 27, 2010

This past weekend

So, this weekend was pretty busy for Al. On Friday he traveled to NC State to attend a companion animals class with my sister. They let him run around, and, of course, he had to say hi to everyone. On Saturday, we went to Charlotte for Al's very first meeting at Microsoft. He behaved pretty well, and did the commands. We took home Sparkie, a 1 year old lab who we've pet sat before. We'll have them both for a week, then Al will go to Sparkie's raiser, Liz, and Sparkie will stay with us for another week. Al is loving having a friend around. Oh, yeah, and happy 6 month day on the 17th!!!! My baby is growing up so fast! LOL. Until next time.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Charlotte Train Meeting

So, today we went to Charlotte for another puppy meeting. We rode the train and walk around downtown Charlotte. Al was pretty well behaved except for a little whining and some pulling. He almost fell into a fountain and got himself a little wet, but I think enjoyed it. He got very excited when someone brought out water for all the puppies, but didn't have any problem sharing with his brother. Afterwords, with all the dogs tired out, we went to Sonny's where, of course, I got chicken instead of barbecue. We stopped at Petsmart on the way home and got Al a new leash. It has a handle that doesn't hurt your hand, which I love. We also got him some apple flavored treats that smell amazing. Overall it was a really good day. Until next time...

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Al got to go to another football game on Saturday. We went to Boone to see Appalachian play Jacksonville. Al was very excited at first but settled down once we got in the stands. He enjoyed all the people but didn't particularly like the gun shots. I think he's done with football for a while. Until next time...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NC State

We took Al to Raleigh on Saturday to go see NC State's first home game. We left home at 11 o'clock, stopped a couple times on the way and ended up getting there at 3:30. We met up with the band, and my brother and sister, then went to wait outside the RBC center for the gates to open. Al was very excited at first, then got really hot and tired and loved going inside for a few minutes to cool off. We finally got in the stadium and Al loved seeing all the people and new things. Once we got to our seats, he immediately settled down and loved laying his head on the seat in front of him. He was very popular amongst the crowd around us. He was petted often and I even let someone give him a cookie (treat). He was very welled behaved the whole day and even was fine when we went to IHOP at midnight. Although it was a very long day, it was a great exposure for Al and I'm sure he can't wait for the Appalachian game we're going to this Saturday. Until next time...