Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Christmas!!!

We had our first ever true white Christmas in Elkin this year and Al absolutely loved it. It snowed earlier in the month and when I first took him out in it he loved it. I attempted to throw a snowball at him but he just caught it in his mouth and ate it! The day after Christmas we took him down to a fenced in baseball field at our local park. We made sure all the doors we closed good and let him go and he went crazy. He couldn't get over the excitement and he still hasn't gotten used to the snow. When he smells something on the ground but can't see it because of the snow he'll dip his nuzzle all the way into the snow trying to find what he is smelling. I love my big, over 70 lb. baby and I can't believe that he is already 9 months old. He's improving with training, but sometimes he just doesn't want to listen. I'm trying really hard to make him a good potential Guide Dog and I know, one day, if he gets matched with someone, he'll love him with all of his huge heart just like he does with me. Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy New Year! Until next time...

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  1. Oh, how fun... dogs really know how to express bliss and joy over snow...I would love to have some snow here too and so would my little dog. He's equipped with lots of fur and would like it, I bet.

    That snowball thing sounded cute when he just ate it LOL

    Happy New Year to you too - enjoy the snow while it lasts!