Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big Day for Al

Today was a pretty big and busy day for Al. First we headed to Raleigh, picked up my sister at my brother's apartment, ate lunch at Wendy's, dropped my other brother off at the airport, and then, on our way home, he experienced something he had never done before. (The picture might give it away.) He went to...THE MALL. Today we took Al to the mall for the first time, and boy was he excited. He wagged his tail at all the people, was interested in all the smells, and tried, but failed, to get the little pieces of trash on the floor. We headed straight for The Shoe Department to me new shoes for fencing. It wasn't as easy or fast as it might seem. We headed up the elevator, went all the way through JC Penney, and kept going straight until finally we made it to the store. Al behaved well as I tried on shoes and was even willing to pose for a picture in front of the shelves of shoes. Although he was REALLY excited, he behaved well and listened to me. We met a few people who greeted him and asked questions, which was nice. Overall it was a really fun and successful day! Until next time...

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  1. Good job Al! Shoe shopping is always a bit of a hazardous duty as you have to mind the dog and pull on and off shoes, which they love to bother with. Can be quite the funny scene for others to watch. 8-)