Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Visitor

We've had a new visitor in town, or at home, for the past 2 weeks. Al has absolutely loved it! At first all they did was fight and play with each other but as they got used to each other we'd find them snuggled together taking a nap or simply content to watch for anything unusual outside. Recently, we went to NC State to see a football game and we took both puppies. Besides being adored by tons of people, Al and Lexie did wonderful, and I even let Lexie sit on my lap for a while during the game. Lexie made a friend though, a human one. Not long after we sat down she decided to curl up under the feet of the man sitting beside me. She had a great time at the game and she was admired once again at the restaurant we went to. Finally, when we got home, both puppies were ready to the sack, and so was I. Until next time...

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