Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There's nothing better than taking a long walk barefoot with a dog that is actually walking good now. We took a pit stop along the way and ran in the meadow in our neighborhood that is claimed by no one. It just goes to show that the blind person isn't the only one who gets something out of what we do. We do too. We get a relationship with the dog we raise. No matter how long we keep them, we get attached. From the moment I met Al, I was already attached. As he fell asleep in my arms I couldn't wait for all the other moments I would cherish. And although he's not perfect and sometimes doesn't do what he's supposed to, I love him, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. If you ever consider raising a dog, I say, do it because you can't base your choice on the fact that you'll have to give that dog away someday. You have to say, what will I get out of this and what will that person that you're dog gets matched with get out of what you did. Yes, it's not all about you, but it sure helps to know that you were part in helping someone else.

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