Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi, everyone, my name is Amy Rector. I'm 15 years old, the youngest in my family, and most importantly, I'm raising Guide Dogs!!! :D It's really very simple. You apply, get a dog, teach it basic obedience and socialize it for a year. Then you take it down to Florida, say goodbye, and hope it becomes a Guide Dog for a blind person. I will be getting a new dog on May 22! We've fully raised one dog and helped raise 5 others. Those dogs were Hamlet, Lucky, Cassie, Cindy Jae and Sparkie. We've come into contact with many other dogs and can't wait to get a new 8 week old puppy!!!! Until next time...


  1. Welcome to the group! My husband and I just started raising Bingo this year. We also have a blog about him. It is an amazing process. I'll be adding your blog to the side of our blog as I try to link to other SEGD puppy raiser blogs! 8-)

    Cheryl, bingo's mom